How to disable the built-in Windows bandwidth limitation

Most people are unaware that Windows limits your bandwidth by up to 80% of your computer’s network speed.  While this may be fine if your PC is directly connected to your internet router or modem (as the 80% limit is recommended for outgoing and incoming traffic shaping), its not always wanted in a networked environment.
Lets say that you are transferring a file over your network from one PC to another.  If that file is massive, you want it to transfer as fast as it can.  Well, if Windows is limiting your bandwidth by up to 80%, then that can slow things down.
Here is a simple way of disabling QOS Packet Scheduler, which is the Windows compnent responsible for the limitation settting, via GPO.

SCCM Client Installation Error 80041001

Recover from this error in ccmsetup.log by doing the following:

  1. Uninstall the client.
  2. Stop the Windows Management Instrumentation service.
  3. Delete the CCM, ccmsetup and ccmcache folders from %WinDir%.
  4. Rename \System32\webm\repository folder to OLDrepository.
  5. Start the Windows Management Instrumentation service.
  6. Install the SCCM client again, via command-line or SCCM push.
  7. Check ccmsetup.log to see if it kicks off, and finishes with an exit error 0 status.

Thanks goes to James Avery at Catapult Systems for this solution.