Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind

The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind, is one of those series that leaves you always wanting more. You become immersed in the world that Terry Goodkind creates instantly in the first book. The characters seem real, and you immediately become invested in them.
The theme behind all of the books is the age old tale of Good vs. Evil.
The list of books, in the order that I read them:

  • Wizard’s First Rule
  • Stone of Tears
  • Blood of the Fold
  • Temple of the Winds
  • Soul of the Fire
  • Faith of the Fallen
  • The Pillars of Creation
  • Naked Empire
  • Chainfire
  • Phantom
  • Confessor
  • The Omen Machine
  • The Third Kingdom
  • Severed Souls

Also, worth reading when you get the chance, as it takes place 3,000 years before the first book, and explains a lot about certain background events from the above books, and how things came to be.  It should be read after the above books.

  • The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus

Another book within the same universe, but in present day:

  • The Law of Nines

Some helpful links:
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